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Enabling our advertisers and partners through media, data and technology

Brand Solutions

Our audience data has allowed us to develop industry leading solutions and insight tools, helping brands and agencies to have 100% targeted reach.

Programmatic Marketing Platform

Our Programmatic Marketing Platform provides end-to-end Online Performance Solutions across Search, Social Media & Display Marketing Channels.

Content and Video Marketing

We help you in creating, curating and sharing high-quality upper-funnel contents and videos that serves the needs of your target customers.

Social Media Marketing

From awareness to engagement and acquisition the one and only objective of our Social Media Marketing Services is to help you grow your business.

Influencer Marketing

Unleash The Power of Audience Based Influencer Marketing with Delente Ads. We’re partnered with 500+ influencers (Nano, Micro etc) from different categories (actor, automotive, music, dance etc) that enables a trustworthy partnership between brands & relevant influencers to craft captivating brand stories that deliver effective campaigns.

Online Reputation Management

Our end to end ORM services help you to build, maintain and protect your reputation on all the digital channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

Affiliate Marketing Solutions

We help your brand to connect with the right influencers. As a result you identify and engage targeted influencers to create powerful social and video content.

App Store Optimization

As a one-stop shop for ap store optimization services, Delente takes a comprehensive approach to app store optimization strategy for increased traffic, improved ratings and more app downloads.

Tech Solutions

As a one-stop shop for app store optimization services, Delente takes a comprehensive approach to app store optimization strategy for increased traffic improved ratings and more app downloads.

CRM Services

We offer end to end Call Center/ CRM solutions in the Education, Real Estate, Automobile and Banking sectors.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We deliver state-of-the-art SEO solutions that leverage a deep understanding of the traffic and customer acquisition funnel to achieve business goals.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We help you to manage your SEM strategy from top to bottom- research, execution, testing & tracking to put your brand in front of your potential customers

Other Services

We help your brand to connect with the right influencers, end-to-end Online Performance Solutions across all digital channels, email and SMS marketing and app store optimization solutions.

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Deep Domain Expertise

Thought leadership, practical insights and best practices over decades of experience building and operating ad-tech products.


Deep Domain Expertise

Data Driven Discovery, Targeting and Optimization Platform that delivers Insights, Innovations and Impact to marketers globally.


Strategic Engagements

Delivering consultative, high-touch, outcome-focused managed services, and powering in-housing strategies.


Deep Insight

Discover unique insights across audience, media, creative and markets.

We have served more than 250 clients across industries

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